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Proven Winners Plants


Proven Winner 4.5"Pots:

All these varieties are great for use in pots, baskets, or in landscape settings.


Browallia: loves light shade

- Endless Fliration -  white

- Endless Illumination - deep purple

Calibrachoa Superbells: sun to part sun

- Double Orchid - pale pink with darker pink veins; double flower head!

- Holy Moly - pink with yellow blotches & stripes; unique!

- Lemon Slice - white with yellow stripes

- Rising Star - deep pink with white stripes & yellow center; striking!


Petunia Supertunia:  sun to part sun

- Bordeaux - creamy white with purple veins

- Daybreak Charm - hot pink border with a yellow center

- Honey - light pink & orange blend; what a blend!

- Latte - creamy white with dark veins

- Pretty Much Picasso - purple with green edges; very unique!

- Vista Bubblegum - bubblegum pink; vigorous growth!


Proven Winner 8" Pots:

These are best in large pots and planters and in landscape settings.

Dahlias: full sun

- Dalina Grande Cancun - burgundy, magenta with white tips

- Dalina Grande Papagaya - deep red with white tips & yellow center

Petunia Supertunia: sun to part sun

- Vista Bubblegum - bubblegum pink; vigorous grower


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